You can teach a late twenties Mom new tricks!

I miss school, especially this time of year, getting your school bag ready with all your new pencils, your new pair of school shoes and maybe a new outfit for the first day. Elementary, High School, and University, I loved every minute of time in class, not so much the drama in the hallways, but learning; I can’t get enough of it! So how about some creative learning? Complete brain overload! I love being creative and crafty, so to learn something new, can’t get better than that! So, this past Saturday morning, while the hubby and kid were out for their morning walk, and I had my “me” time, I taught myself something new. I taught myself how to use my rolled hem foot for my sewing machine. I have been meaning to give this a go for some time now. I knew, once mastered, it would be a quick way to hem light fabrics without all that pesky pinning and ironing.

First step; Google it! I found this site The Sewing Divas and they gave a great little tutorial on how to use this foot. It seemed pretty simple, and it only took me two quick tries on a scrap piece of fabric to figure it out! So, in only a few short minutes of sewing, I turned that pillow case into two window coverings for the basement (pictures wouldn’t turn out because of the sunshine streaming in the windows, but trust me, they are awesome!), and I also made a cute little cover for my sewing machine:

Now I can leave my machine out, it won’t get dusty, and the fabric was from a remnant bin that cost $0.50! Thrifty, cute, and I learned something, talk about a great Saturday


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