Frugal Tip Tuesday – home is where the heart is

This may seem simple, but it really works for me. If you stay home, you don’t spend money (unless you shop online a lot, than forget this…).

There have been some weeks where it seems I have gone out every day, and returned home with something. Poorly planned shopping trips which cause me to go back out the next day, and the next, and the next. I often plan days where we stay home, we will still get out and go for a walk, but we don’t go to any stores. We don’t get in the car, so we don’t use any gas either. I need these days, and so does our budget. If you stay out of stores, you won’t buy anything! I have attempted trips to the mall, or Zellers just to get out of the house, no intention of purchasing anything, just to window shop and break up the day. But more often than not, I will think of something we need and I buy it! So the best thing for me, stay home, and keep the budget on track!


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