Frugal Tip Tuesday – hair conditioner is multi purpose

I buy hair conditioner in the largest bottles I can find, always when it is on sale, and the brand I buy usually has a coupon attached to it. A big jug, with a pump attached, will last me for a year, or longer! And I don’t just use it to lightly condition my hair. I use it instead of shave gel, if I run out or am traveling. Shave gel is expensive, and I never pack it to take with me (I’m afraid it will explode in my luggage!) so, I will use my conditioner. It works great for shaving legs (you do have to rinse the razor more frequently) it softens skin better than shave gel, and I am already packing it for my hair so it saves space when traveling. I also use it as a deep conditioner instead of buying an additional product. I will leave it on much longer than I do regularly, and give it an extra rinse. Every few weeks, and more frequently in the dry winter months, for silky smooth hair!




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