Frugal Tip Tuesday – eat less meat

We don’t eat meat on Fridays; we kick it old school Catholic, and recently I have started making vegetarian dinners on Thursday too, so that the leftovers are OK for lunch on Friday. And I’m even thinking, other nights of the week are going to be veggie meals too. Unless there is a great sale on meat, it is very expensive to buy every single week! Quesadillas with black beans and corn; so much cheaper than with chicken! And the hubby, who can be a traditional meat and potatoes kind of guy, agreed with this idea! Every meal doesn’t need meat in it, as long as you can get enough protein and iron from other sources. Don’t think we aren’t going completely vegetarian, we both love meat too much! Mmmmm, bacon.

I also recently found the Food Network show Sandra’s Money Saving Meals, and let me tell you, the recipes look delicious! A lot of them are vegetarian, but she does have great recipes full of meat. Last night I made the Farm Stand pizza. To say it was a hit, is a complete understatement. It was delicious! And, with pizza, you can totally mix up the toppings to suit everyone’s likes, and what is on sale that week.

So save some money this week by eating less meat, and more fresh veggies!



    1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention how great it is for the environment! The loss of energy in feeding animals is huge. Eat the grains and veggies yourself, instead of feeding them to animals and than eating them, it just makes sense.

      Also, thanks for reading and commenting Minky! Pretty awesome having you here!


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