Frugal Tip Tuesday – plan your trip

I try my best to do everything in one trip. This can be tricky since I have a little guy to tote around with me. Planning outings around meals, naps, and diaper changes takes a lot of effort. Somedays it works out that I can only manage to do short trips multiple times, which I hate. It is a waste of gas, and a waste of time getting a toddler ready to go over and over. So on days where it is looking like I have a few solid hours to get stuff done, I plan very carefully to make sure it happens.

  • Lists: I have list upon list of things that need to be taken care of and purchased/ Broken down by store, and even noting if I have a coupon to use or if a particular brand is on sale.
  • Plan your route: I usually go to the furthest place first, and then make my way back home.
  • Go at the right time of day: I find my grocery stores are less busy in the morning. Well, everything is less busy in the morning. And if I have to go to the south part of town, I avoid lunch time and close to rush hour since that is where the highway is.

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