Coffee creamer saved my morning

I woke up sick, so did the hubby. Baby girl is stuffy and coughing again, poor thing is only 11 weeks old. Two year old woke up in a foul mood. The day was off to a rocky start, and I needed it to be productive.

First thing I did was take some pain killers to ease my aches so I could actually lift my kids, and while I did this my husband made coffee. Yesterday I had made some homemade coffee creamer, it was super easy: equal parts sweetened condensed milk and regular milk with a splash of flavour (I did 2 teaspoons vanilla extract), shake, and it’s ready to go. I used an old cream carton to keep it in. It was either going to make of break my mood since I was desperate for a hot mug of coffee.

It was magical! And super cheap! Cheaper than the cream we normally use. It improved my mood greatly, and now I can’t wait for my morning coffee tomorrow :)


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