Frugal Tip Tuesday – DIY Teether

Teething baby? I’ve got one, and she isn’t happy about it! I’ve tried a wide variety of teethers, and her favourite to date is this organic cotton bonbon teether. Room temperature or frozen, she will sit quietly and chew on the knots. The only problem with it is it is stuffed with wool, and I’m allergic to wool. Just touching it for a second is enough to make my eyes water, my fingers itch, and the little bits of wool get in the air and I’m a sneezing mess! She loves those darn knots so much, so I made my own wool free version:

Most moms of young ones have an absurd amount of wash cloths, and as dirty as my kids get, I always have tons of extras on hand, so I used them to make this super easy teether.

Fold opposite corners in…
fold in half…
tie a tight knot, making sure to push it to one end…
tie a second tight knot and you are done!

I wet the cloth, and place it in a baggy in the freezer. My daughter loves chewing on the frozen ends and knots! Keeps her quiet, and soothes those sore swollen gums.

Happy teething :)


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