More Planning

Things are crazy busy around here, and we are trying to settle back in to a routine after a weekend of celebrating my birthday! My husband bought me a new iPod Nano, which has the built in Nike+ fitness tracker. SO AWESOME! I cannot wait to run tonite and try it out.

So after a weekend full of junk food and treats, here is a healthier plan for the week:

Monday – ham and onion quiche with sweet and spicy cucumber salad

Tuesday – tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday – chicken vegetable marinara

Thursday – sausage and pepper stir fry over rice

Friday – mac and cheese with broccoli

As always, I’m linking up at Org Junkie, so stop by and check out lots of other meal plans!



    1. Yay!! It’s one of our favourites! I make it all the time without chicken (I only buy chicken when its on sale), and even with veggie broth as a vegetarian meal.


    1. It’s one of our favourites too! Such a classic combo; we normally go for the canned soup option, so I thought this time I would make some from scratch! My neighbour keeps bringing me more and more tomatoes, so I need to use them all up somehow!


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