Meal Plan Monday – Nov 19 2012

What a busy weekend! So much celebrating; my hubby’s 30th birthday and my mom’s 60th! So much food and family and fun, but boy am I glad to be getting back to a routine and some healthier meals. Last Friday was one of those tough parenting days where you just throw in the towel and order pizza for dinner…so the planned Friday dinner will be on the menu for this week!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Pasta e Fagioli and 5 minute artisan bread I will be making the chicken stock from the carcass from last weeks’ roast chicken!

Tuesday – island pork loin roast with rice and roasted squash

Wednesday – grilled pork chops with baked beans and spinach salad

Thursday – spinach and red pepper quiche with spicy couscous (recipe to come!)

Friday – baked cod with sweet potato wedges

I hope all of you are still meal planning! Planning ahead helps you stay on budget at the grocery store, and it makes dinner time easier when the meal is planned out already!

As usual I am linking up with Org Junkie and Erin Branscom



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