Weekend Graces #2

It really is the little things that make all the difference. A little change in the normal pace of the day, an unexpected surprise that he has been waiting for, for nearly 3 weeks now. My 3.5 year old son asked for a kite for Easter, but his gifts were already purchased so we had to tell him he might not get one. We bought him one shortly after Easter though, as a sort of good job on not wetting the bed and giving up diapers type gift. It was a $3 Lightening McQueen kite from Target, he was over the moon with excitement. Then we all got sick, and the dream of flying the kite was forgotten…until I remembered it sitting there on the hall table, and with an open afternoon, and a beautiful day waiting for us, off we went to the school yard to run around in the empty outfield of the baseball diamond trying to get that kite to fly. The wind was inconsistent, which led to him asking “where does the wind go when it stops?”, but he still had fun running around pulling it behind him and trying to get it to fly. It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday afternoon, and a great reminder how truly blessed we are.

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