Meal Pland Monday – November 18th 2013

Another busy birthday filled weekend is behind us, things should be a little calmer now until Advent and everything Christmas explodes in our house! Last week, I hope you saw my post about a frugal Christmas. I hoping to get a post up each week about how to save a little money during this expensive time of year. Next up will be a frugal stocking stuffers post, so watch for that!

After far too much cake this weekend, I’m once again finding myself drawn to cleaner eating than comfort foods, even though its cold outside. Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday – black bean tostadas with cilantro sauce

Tuesday – club sandwiches on multigrain bread with leftover chicken tortilla soup

Wednesday – my famous spaghetti (ok, this it totally comfort food, but still good for you!)

Thursday – stir fry with sausages peppers and zucchini over brown rice

I will also be making smoothies this week for breakfast. I usually have yogurt and raw almonds and some fruit, but I am a little sick of that right now, so smoothies it is! And this amazing sandwich will be my lunch today since I have some goats cheese to use up from the weekend. YUM!

As always, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie, stop by for lots of great menu ideas.



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