Meal Plan Monday – April 7th 2014

And we are back with another meal plan! Last week I never got around to posting our dinners for the week as I was out of commission with a nasty head cold. It came out of nowhere, knocked me on my butt for 3 days, and suddenly I was fine…very very strange, but better than having it drag on for a week!

This week we are eating pretty well, I spent a small fortune on fresh fruit; this baby is craving berries, and melon, and pears right now! It makes snacking easy, when all I have to do is grab some fruit!

I’m planning on trying some new recipes this week, and of course I will share them with you! A baked oatmeal breakfast casserole, and sharing my secret to the crispiest roasted potatoes you’ve ever had!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – grilled pork chops with crispy roasted potatoes and garden salad

Tuesday – turkey and red pepper quiche with buttered sweet peas and garden salad

Wednesday – my famous spaghetti

Thursday – tacos

Friday – baked lemon and herb fish with spinach and tomato pasta

As always I am linking up over at Org Junkie. Happy Menu Planning everyone!




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