Meal Plan Monday – February 1st, 2016

We are starting off the month on the right foot in our house. I managed to tidy the house, put laundry away, clean the kitchen and main floor bathroom, meal plan for the week, and grocery shopped. Impressive considering I was also trapped under a sleeping 3 week old for part of the day too!

Time management is so important, and making use of each minute is a must! Like now, I’m writing this post while feeding the baby! Multitasking at its best! Even if you don’t have lots of little ones running around like I do, planning your dinners ahead of time can save you time during the week, and save you money too. This week I am linking up with Org Junkie again. Check out her sites for loads of tips on the hows and whys of meal planning.

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – sausage stir fry over rice
Tuesday – taco bake
Wednesday – chicken alfredo
Thursday – chicken nuggets and veggie fried rice
Friday – baked fish, curly fries and garlic green beans




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  1. Hello!I could not find your contact information on the website and was wondering if this e-mail would work to ask you a question?


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